#IZM2020 „Who’s that Zinester?“

Seit einigen Jahren beteiligen wir uns am International Zine Month, so auch in diesem Jahr. Die Beiträge bündeln wir unter dem Hashtag #IZM2020. Bisher haben wir als Mitarbeiter*innen hauptsächlich Zines vorgestellt, die uns wichtig sind oder die wir neu in der Sammlung haben. Für dieses Jahr haben wir uns eine neue Rubrik überlegt: „Whos that Zinester?“

Heute ist der letzte Tag des International Zine Month und wir haben noch noch ein Zinester-Feature für euch im Rahmen unserer neu initiierten #IZM-Rubrik „Who’s that Zinester?“

Diesmal geht es um Fußballfankultur. Auch dazu haben wir eine nicht unerhebliche Menge an Fanzines. Jan/LeToMaGiC-Zine hat vor einigen Jahren im Rahmen unseres Forschungsprojektes JuBri- Techniken jugendlicher Bricolage glücklicherweise dazu beigetragen, unsere Sammlung dahingehend zu erweitern.

Der Kontakt wurde nun vor gut einem Jahr lustigerweise via Twitter zwischen Jan und unserer Kollegin Giuseppina, ohne dass es um Zines oder Fußballfankultur ging, wieder aufgenommen. Beide waren ohne Kenntnis voneinander 2019 auf dem großartigen Big Joanie Konzert in Hamburg und haben sich darüber ausgetauscht. Und da lag die Idee nahe, Jan zu bitten, Teil unserer neuen Rubrik „Who’s that Zinester?“ zu werden. Hier nun Jans (LeToMaGic-Zine) Antworten. Viel Spaß!

Tell us about your zine/project!

Letters To Marina Ginesta Coloma is a handcut and handsewn mini artzine about politics, beer, zine libraries and football. It is inspired by Subbuteo, record cover art, Pixi Books and Slinkachu. I visit different places and leave a small, individual painted figure – with an upraised fist to greet Marina Ginesta – on a bottle cap there. The zine itself is a letter to Marina Ginesta i Coloma where I report on these trips. The last but second page always holds a DIY sticker that can be coloured and finished by the readers. I’m always looking forward to receiving stickers from nice spots around the world. If you’re interested in checking it out, you can find it as @LeToMaGiC on Twitter and Issu.

What was the reason to start your own zine? Did someone or something inspire you?

I started to publish a football fanzine for my local non league club around 15 years ago. The first one ran for ten years and was inspired by the ‚Weltbühne‘ magazine from the 1920s. I’ve experimented with a lot of different subjects and sizes since – I’ve published perzines, art zines, a poetry zine, political/historical zines and a photo zine.

What is the first zine you ever fell in love with?

I’m not sure if they would call their publication a zine, but I was fascinated by ‚Der Tödliche Pass‘ very early on. The first zine where I couldn’t wait for the next issue to be published was ‚The Moral Victory‘ by Josie and Louis.

A zine you would recommend because it deals with issues you care about

My favourite zines are those with a political motivation. I like to read zines with a special kind of humour as well as ‚zine zines‘, too. And I love zines that show a special enthusiasm for a thing or person and explore these from new perspectives again and again. That’s why I’m a big fan of ‚Dishwasher Pete‘, the ‚Wes Anderzine‘ or the various zines about Taylor Swift and Patti Smith. Though ‚Butt Springsteen‘ is a good title, too.

Zine related places you visited or want to visit in the future? Tell us why!

I’m always looking for cities, towns and villages where you can find a zine library or collection, a brewery and a local football club. I love to visit these places for my LeToMaGiC zine. I’ve been to Barcelona, London, Altona, Istanbul, Brussels, Manchester, Forlí, Berlin, Athens, Sydney, Melbourne, Vienna, Salzburg, Arnhem, Toronto, Reykjavik, Riga, Bergen, Oslo, York, Plymouth and Falmouth so far. But I’m always up for hints and suggestions!

What projects are you involved in besides publishing zines?

I like any kind of arts and crafts. I was very happy that the wonderful ‚Illustrated Women In History‘ project accepted my first ever silhouette cut-out, for example. I always try to donate any profits of my zines to good causes. So we were the first German football supporters who followed the very important initiative ‚On The Ball‘ (@OnTheBaw) and made period products available at our stadiums for free.

A collaboration you are dreaming about?

One of the best things about the zine community is swapping zines and contributions. I’ve done a few over the last years, but some of the contacts faded away over time as I’m bad at staying in contact with people. I would love to do another zine with Nikos, who I first met at the Athens Zinefest. And I’m always inspired by the work of Nyx from Sea Green Zines.

What would you be more interested in? A zine about cats or dogs?

I have to admit, it should be about Alpacas for me. As there have been football zines like ‚Can I Bring My Dog‘ (Dundee Utd) and ‚Gone To The Dogs‘ (Canterbury) I would go with the dogs here. Perhaps Ruth (@nonleaguedogs) may compile one some day?

A zine about your teen crush would be about?

I would love to say it would have been about Sara Gilbert or Alyssa Milano, but in fact it would have been about Tipp-Kick figures or collecting cards.

Which fellow zinester would you rob a bank with and why?

Mika and Chriz who were brave enough to share a table with me at the Berlin Zinefest in 2014 without ever meeting me in person before. And I’m pretty sure they will get away with the money and donate it to a good cause while I’m getting arrested.

Your life motto or a message you want to share

If the kids are united, they will never be divided.

Danke Jan für deine Antworten, sowie Danke an alle weiteren Zinesters (Evelyn/Vinyldyke-Zine, Nina/SameHeartbeats-Zine, Lilli/Diverse Comics und Fanzines), die mitgemacht haben. Damit verabschieden wir uns aus dem diesjährigen International Zine Month. See you next year.

Zine of the Day: Falafel #1 (Brasilien)


Falafel_1_Falafel #1 (2012)

Falafel #1 (2012)

Falafel_2_Interview mit Lara Miranda

Interview mit Lara Miranda

Falafel_3_Zeichnung Eng Gee Fan

Zeichnung von Eng Gee Fan

Falafel ist mir aufgefallen, weil es auf meinem Tisch lag, mit der Notiz einer Kollegin* – „wo soll ich diese schönen Sachen einsortieren“.

Es handelt sich bei diesem kleinen Kunstwerk um ein Art-Zine eines brasilianischen Künstler_innen*kollektivs. Seit der ersten Ausgabe 2012 sind bisher 8 Zines erschienen (http://fanzinefalafel.blogspot.de/). Ziel des Kollektivs ist es, verschiedenen – bisher unbekannten – Künstler_innen* die Möglichkeit zu geben, sich fernab der dominanten Strukturen der Kunstszene zu präsentieren.

Falafel_4_Zeichnung Mariana Moysés

Zeichnung von Mariana Moysés

Lara Miranda, Eng Gee Fan und Mariana Moysés erzählen in Kurzinterviews vom sich Eingeengt-Fühlen in der Universität sowie vom Suchen nach Freiräumen, um Inspirationen für ihre besonderen Arbeiten zu finden.

Mehr zum International Zine Month gibt es hier.

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